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Comments Off on HWW MAY 28, 2010 | Posted by HollyWooWoo Report on May 28, 2010

Got $7 million?

Well you can buy Jesse James house in California. Check it out…

Among the highlights of the home located on Sunset Beach are:
• A glass-enclosed lanai with pool, grotto, waterfall and waterslide, surrounded by auto-lighted tiki torches.

• A luxurious travertine master bath that includes a steam shower and large custom brass Jacuzzi tub, with mirrored views of the Pacific.

• A media/game room with a granite wet bar and high coved-grid ceiling.

• Canterra stone floors and a gourmet kitchen with a crescent-shaped granite walk-up bar.

• A three-car garage with a built-in tool crib and space for a workshop.

• State of the art surveillance system with multiple security cameras and professional quality video and audio systems throughout.

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Comments Off on Chuck has a date with his Daughter | Posted by Chuck Doud on May 25, 2010

So yesterday, after Charlie let me know he had a playdate with a buddy…Theresa and I hit the town for an afternoon date.  As my best girl, I made sure the valet opened the door for her and helped her down as we hit Catch 31 at the 31st street Hilton for some lunch…can someone explain why my daughter likes KING CRAB?!?!?!

Then Theresa fancied a walk on the beach, which, I was glad to oblige…shoes off for me and pants rolled up!

Then, after a wardbrobe change for her from Walmart, it was off to
the Virginia Aquarium to hang with the fishes!!!

Theresa asked why this horseshoe crab was getting a piggy back ride…
I managed to dodge the bullet well by saying “well, he’s smaller and she’s being nice
and giving him a lift to the other side of the tank”

The end of the day was captured with a Kiss…an awesome day!

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Comments Off on On the way home… | Posted by WooWoo on May 23, 2010

Hey there! And Happy Sunday! Sorry I havent blogged lately. Been busy. Been lazy. Been distracted. But now Im back. Im actually blogging from my iPhone. McCoy, Murphy and I went to Williamsburg today to hang out with his cousins and brother. Good times! Murphy is exhausted. Hes currently asleep on my lap. Im tired too!!! Talk to you tmrw. Heres some pics I snapped on the way home…XO, WooWoo

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Comments (2) | Posted by WooWoo on May 17, 2010

UGH! Monday. Usually I am all about Mondays & getting back to work…but NOT today. My body aches. Had a rough work out on Saturday & then partied like a RockStar on Saturday night. HA! So Sunday was all about laying on the couch. It was soo nice. But I would enjoy 1 more day of R&R. And Monday is perfect – especially a Monday like today where it’s gonna be wet, rainy & cloudy all day. Oh well! I can nap later. After I go back to the gym at 1pm. HA! Did you have a good weekend? I hope so. The weather was AMAZING! We went to Greek Fest Friday night, then kickball games all day Saturday & went out Saturday nightwith friends. Soo fun!

My AllStar athlete of a husband played in a kickball tournament on Saturday. ALL DAY! They didn’t win, but played great. They made it to the Final 4. I am a proud wife! They are a great team. And then on Sunday, McCoy went back out to the fields. This time – a baseball field. He played 2 games on Sunday. WHOA! He is the ultimate athlete – still going at 35. You go McCoy! Love ya’. McCoy’s dad gave him a kick ass NIKON D90 camera for his birthday, so I decided to test it out on Satrday during kickball tourney. Check out these pics! I still have a lot to learn, but I love the camera. Even though it’s really his

That’s it for me today! Gonna go meet with the boss, wrap up some stuff at work & head to the gym. Talk to you tomorrow.



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Comments Off on HWW May 17th, 2010 | Posted by HollyWooWoo Report on

If you ever wondered what it’s like to be Tiger Woods, well – I can’t tell you how to do that. Just practice your golf swing more I guess! 😉 But if you ever wondered what it’s like to be Tiger Woods & look at Rachel Uchitel in her “birthday suit”…now you can. It’s confirmed that Tiger’s #1 Mistress will pose nekkid for Playboy Magazine next week. Not sure how much they paid for her to strip down, but she did get $10 million from Tiger to STFU. HA! So – will you buy this issue of Playboy magazine strictly for the articles? Or the pics?

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Comments (2) | Posted by Chuck Doud on

As the warmer weather comes around in pops and bursts, it’s my favorite time here in the Seven Cities.  Since moving to the Mid-Atlantic (or perhaps it is just because I am getting older) I have never loved the change of seasons more!

Aside from reconnecting with friends, getting the cargo shorts and sandles out, and seeing the beaches lined with pretty ladies in capri pants (yes, I think they are HOT)…there is my favorite part that I have come to enjoy.  Outdoor activities with the kids! 

We did the first trip to Trashmore with the kites…

Also this past weekend, we went to Linkhorn Elementary’s Spring Carnival…my kids do not go there, but, it was a carnival and we were in!   Charlie got to ride his first Mechanical Bull!!!

and Theresa polished up her Hoola Hoop skill in the back yard…

I can’t wait to see what will happen next…but as far as I can see at the moment, this season
is off to a fantastic start!!! 

Ahhh “Sprummer” in the Mid-Atlantic…my favorite!!!!

Have fun out there!!!


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