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Comments Off on Manic Music Monday… | Posted by WooWoo on June 21, 2010


Back to Monday! Hope you had a great weekend – I did. It was my Best Friend Lindsay’s Engagement Party. That’s Linds & I in the pic above. And then McCoy & I – and the last pic is my mom & dad. She’s getting married in July. The party Saturday night was a Hawaiian themed party – thus the reason we all got lei’d. HA! We had soo much fun – can’t wait til’ next weekend. So as I sit & type this – I’m currently BLASTING Eminem’s new CD “Recovery” in my office. Yeh – I know Eminem is NOT a POINT artist at all, but there is soo much hype about this album…that I had to listen to it. Shout Out to my co-worker Tias who up-loaded the CD for me. Thanks!

This is just a 4 day work week for me – because on Friday I am off to NYC for my BFF Lindsay’s Bachelorette Party. YES! Party central. Well – not so much. It’s just gonna be a Girls Weekend. No male strippers. No 4am raves at some seedy nightclub. Just shopping, Broadway shows, wine drinking & good dinners. I’m booking dinner for us at Dos Caminos in the MeatPacking District for Saturday night. I’ve heard that it’s the BEST Mexican ever – and I love a good margarita. HOLLA! It’s also close to the Standard Hotel & the infamous BoomBoom Room. I hope they let us in. We shall see…CLICK HERE to read a fun article the NY Post wrote about access to hot spots.

PS – I am more than enjoying the rental car Enterprise gave me after I got into that car accident. It’s a Jeep Wrangler. 4 doors. Top down. LOVE IT! I have been crusing all over town with the roof/top off. Ummm Enterprise, can I keep this? PLEASE?!!!?

Off to a meeting – then the gym – home to take Murphy out – maybe take a nap & then McCoy and I are off to meet friends at the Tides Game tonight. Hot Dogs & Beer? COUNT ME IN!!!!



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Comments Off on HWW Report June 21, 2010 | Posted by HollyWooWoo Report on

POINT artist Vanessa Carlton announced over the weekend that she is Bi-Sexual. Performing at Saturday’s Nashville Pride concert, Vanessa Carlton announced live to a crowd of 18,000 fans that she is bisexual.

“I’ve never said this before, but I am a proud bisexual woman,” she announced. According to the concert’s website, this was the event’s 22nd year of “celebrating the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender community in Middle Tennessee.” Carlton headlined the event.

Carlton, not known to currently be involved with anyone, was previously linked to John Mayer and Third Eye Blind frontman Stephen Jenkins.

‘True Blood’ starlet Anna Paquin recently announced her own bisexuality.
Carlton broke out with 2002’s ‘Be Not Nobody,’ an album that went platinum in the U.S. and gold in three other countries. Her fourth album, ‘Rabbits on the Run,’ is set for release this year. See the video for her first hit, ‘A Thousand Miles':

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Comments Off on Chuck’s Bald! | Posted by The Morning Point on

Keeping the promise to his kids…Chuck let Charlie & Theresa shave his head BALD!! And then they painted it. WOWZA!! Check out the pics…

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Comments Off on 1-2-3 I’M BUG FREE! | Posted by WooWoo on June 18, 2010

So one morning last week I woke up for work at 3:30am and found an intruder in my bathroom! I screamed. McCoy woke up. And killed the intruder. YAY! No more cockroaches in our house. Yeh – the “intruder” was a giant, nasty cockroach. But even though la coocaroacha had been killed, I was still un-easy about the bug situation. So I called my buddies at AActive Termite & Pest Control. They came over to our house yesterday to treat it. Check out the video below – and Murphy the WonderDog makes an appearance too!! Thanks so much Kevin & Keith. You guys were professional, friendly & even pointed out my leaking washing machine!! HA! CLICK HERE for the convenient, effective & affordable solution to all of your pest problems!!

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Comments Off on HWW June 18, 2010 | Posted by HollyWooWoo Report on

Actor Gary Coleman’s remains have been cremated. It happened yesterday at a mortuary in Utah. Per Gary’s request  – there will be NO funeral or memorial service. RIP Lil Gary.

POINT artist John Mayer performed an impromptu show at a NYC bar late last night. It happened at about 3am – and he played til’ 5am. 200 people showed up. John asked that the crowd tip the waitstaff instead of him. The concert happened at the Village Underground in NYC.

Ugly Betty is sporting a beautiful ring! Actress America Ferrara is engaged to her boyfriend of 5 years. They met in college at USC. No word when the wedding will take place. Congrats! PS – Am I the only one who was pissed when ABC cancelled that show?

Lindsay Lohan is clean – or so we think. Her urine tests from the night her SCRAM bracelet went off came back NEGATIVE!!! Come on – she paid somebody to pee for her. Lindsay’s attorney claims Lindsay still has no idea why her alcohol monitoring device went off that night. Uh huh…

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Comments Off on FREE TIPS…FREE TIPS….HEED OR DIE!!! | Posted by Barry McKay on June 17, 2010


Here are some Tips for a Happy Marriage:

1. Weird in-laws get even weirder over time.
2. There are two schools of thought on birthdays: the “it’s not a big deal” school and the “yay for meee!” school. The former gets a card. The latter celebrates the Season of the Birthday, which can go on for quite a long time. Figure out which one you’re married to, and be ready.
3. It’s better to keep listening to those stories and laughing at those jokes rather than remind him he’s told them to you a million times.
4. Don’t complain about the way he does the dishes. Just be thankful he does them.
5. Your husband really doesn’t remember your clothes. If you call attention to anything new, you’re a fool.
Here’s a few of mine..please add on if you have one or two…or three…

– leave your Blackberry in the car when dining out. (big trouble!)

– guys flirt all the time, we just don’t know it…… ; )

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Comments Off on Girls Night Out in Downtown Norfolk! | Posted by WooWoo on June 16, 2010


Hey there! Last night was the best Girl’s Night Out ever. I went to Dillards at MacArthur Center with my friend Christi – and our NEW friend/POINT Listener Kristina Cox from Hampton. She won the Girls Night Out & we pampered her from head to toe. We all got amazing hot stone massages at Dillards Spa, and then FRED picked us up on Monticello Avenue. FRED drove us to Granby Street and dropped us off at Bodega where we finished up the night with a delicious meal and some wine. Soo much fun!! I am a Norfolk native – lived here for 26 years…so it is soo exciting to see all the amazing changes and the beautiful transformation that has happened in the city. Watch my video blog below to find out who FRED is. HA! Enjoy!! Thanks also to the Downtown Norfolk Council. You guys ROCK!!! XO, WooWoo

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Comments Off on Check this guys out! | Posted by Barry McKay on

I think we have another rising star band outta Hampton Roads! Was blown away last week by Rekapse. Check out the vid of their performance here at the Point. My favorite is the last song they sang. What do you think? Shoot me your comments and be listening for them on the Point in the future!

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Comments Off on Some more pets stopped in… | Posted by Barry McKay on June 15, 2010

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Comments Off on We give it to you Free! | Posted by Barry McKay on

Here I am with my good friend Don London and the street team from 7-11 at our 31st concert series at Neptunes Park. Don’t miss Sister Hazel coming next Thursday June 24th. Listen to win tickets to our VIP area with free food from Catch 31 and free beverages!!

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