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Comments Off on Chuckat Debbies RC World…Christmas ROCKS!!! | Posted by Chuck Doud on December 22, 2010

In my last video, I introduced you to Debbie’s RC World in Chesapeake.  Now find out why “DRCW” (as we call it) is THE PLACE for a Christmas Gift that WILL

Christmas is almost here and I do believe this year will be one that knocks it off the pedistal for the kids.   Here is another update on why Christmas in my house is going to be HUGE thanks to my ‘other family’
…my friends for over 8 years…Les, Eric, and Debbie of “DEBBIES RC WORLD, CHESAPEAKE, VA”


Debbie’s RC World from Chuck Doud on Vimeo.

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Comments Off on Cell phone for my mom… | Posted by WooWoo on


Hey! Thanks to all those who called/texted and responded on our Facebook page today about getting my mom a cell phone for Christmas. She’s NEVER  had one, and she is going to need one when she starts to watch Maggie when I go back to work after Maternity Leave. After work today, I’m going to check out Best Buy for the “JitterBug” cell phone and look at AT&T’s “Go Phone” too. I really would prefer the “Go Phone”, so we can pay for minutes as she uses them. I really don’t want to be locked into a contract & have her not use the phone. Or worse…she uses it, overtalks and I get stuck with the bill. HA HA! We will see what happens. Thanks again.

Have a wonderful Christmas!



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Comments Off on Meet Maggie! | Posted by WooWoo's Baby Blog on December 21, 2010

Or not. For the 2nd time in a row, my daughter has decided she does not want to “show her face” to us at all. HA HA! She is her father’s daughter. McCoy hates having his picture taken, and it looks like Maggie doesn’t like it either. She’s covering her face with BOTH hands. Look at that little thumb!!! We had an appt yesterday with the OBGYN…everything looks great. Hopefully we will get to her face at the next appointment. Come on Mags!!

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Comments Off on I think I’m addicted to… | Posted by WooWoo on


We were back there again yesterday. After my appt with the OBGYN yesterday – CLICK HERE for Baby updates! – we went to BB&B. Not even sure what we needed, but I wanted to go. We ended up buying a new shower curtain, a draft thing for under the front door, a curtain rod for the nursery & trash bags. I LOVE THIS STORE! Seriously – if they had a Starbucks inside and a ChickFilA…I would move in. Or get a Part Time job. I wonder how much of an “Employee Discount” you get if you work there. Hmmm…Here’s what I bought:

Amy Butler Shower Curtain…for “Maggie’s Bathroom”.

Twin Draft Guard for the front door.

Curtain Rods for the Nursery.

Trash Bags.

I’ll be back at BB&B today…FOR REAL! I have to return the bath mat we bought to go with the shower curtain, they don’t match at all. OOPS! OK – Have a great Tuesday. Talk to you tomorrow.


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Comments Off on HollyWooWoo Report December 21, 2010 | Posted by HollyWooWoo Report on

Talk about a Wife Swap! OK – follow me on this one. Shania Twain was married to Mutt Lange. Mutt Lange cheated on Shania with Marie Thebold. Marie was married to Frederic Thebold. Well Shania is now engaged to Frederic. Got it?

Congrats to actor Vince Vaughan. Jennifer Aniston’s ex boyfriend and his wife welcomed daughter Locklyn this past Saturday in Chicago. Mom & Baby are doing great. It’s Jennifer Aniston were worried about. Another Christmas that she’s spending alone.

You can take the girl out of the party, but you can’t take the party out of the girl. Lindsay Lohan & her roomies at The Betty Ford Clinic were busted this week for throwing a party…with booze and alcohol! They were staying at a satellite house away from the clinic. OK – if you work at a 7-11 and Lindsay Lohan comes in to buy some Mich Ultras…don’t sell them to her.

What has 12 bathrooms, 2 hot tubs and 1 washed up country music star? It’s not the Grand Ole Opry, it’s Miley Cyrus’s parents house. After announcing they will divorce, Billy Ray Cyrus and his wifey are selling their LA Mansion for $7 million.

Another star of MTV’s hit Reality TV show “Teen Mom” is in trouble…but it’s not a mom, it’s a baby daddy! Gary – who dated Amber and had daughter Leah – has spent $24,000 in a month.  And he’s NOT paying child support. UH-OH! So what did Big Gary buy? Well check this out…

$6,000 on a Boys weekend in Miami.

$4,000 down on a new Dodge Charger.

$3,500 on an 82-inch Flat Screen TV.

$3,000 on a Mac computer.

$400 on a PlayStation 3.

$600 on an iPad.

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Comments Off on 28 Weeks and 1 Day! | Posted by WooWoo's Baby Blog on December 20, 2010

Yep. As of today I am 28 weeks and 1 day pregnant. That’s a picture of me from yesterday. I was in Maggie’s PINK nursery…and Murphy is at my feet. Of course! So I am officially in my 3rd trimester!! Yay – and wow…that went by super fast. It really did. According to the “What to Expect” App on my iPhone, Maggie is the size of a Small Cabbage. OK – that’s a little weird. HA HA! We have a 1pm doctor’s appt today with my OBGYN…I love going to the doctor & hearing her heart beat, talking with the doc, maybe sneaking in an ultra sound with tech & then there is getting WEIGHED!! I dread that every time. Who wouldn’t?! I’ll keep my weight gain a secret. But I imagine with Christmas 5 days away…I’ll put on about 5 pounds between now and then. Christmas cookies, cakes, breads and hot pepper jelly. YUMMY!!!

OH! And I thought I’d share this too…I found a website that shows you pics of the veggies/fruits representing the size of your baby. It’s pretty interesting! So that’s it for today. I’m in the 3rd trimester. I’m hungry all the time. Sleeping is not as easy as it used to be. And did I mention I am hungry? HA! Have a great Monday. XOXO, WooWoo & Maggie :)

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Comments Off on HollyWooWoo Report December 20th, 2010 | Posted by HollyWooWoo Report on

Poor Reese Witherspoon! Her new movie “How Do You Know” flopped this weekend at the Box Office. Dang!! It cost $120 million to make the movie…that also stars Paul Rudd, Jack Nicholson & Owen Wilson. The movie came in 8th at the Box Office and made only $7 million. I saw the movie Friday night with McCoy and I liked it. Very cute & funny. Bummer it was a flop.

What do you do for Christmas when your Oprh Winfrey? You hop on a private jet and head to a tropical island. Oh to be Oprah!! After 1 week filming & touring Australia with 300 lucky viewers, Oprah & her BF Steadman took off for a week in Fiji. Yes – FIJI! The far away tropical island where your hotel room floats over the clear blue ocean water.

Actor Johnny Depp has caught BIEBER FEVER!! The actor was caught taking in a JB concert in Miami this weekend. Also at the concert? JB’s rumored girlfriend…SELENA GOMEZ! Little Selena & JB were spotted hanging out in Miami, and boarding his tour bus. UH OH!

What do you get the girl who has it all? A great career, perfect hair, glowing skin & a bajillion dollars!! Well – if you’re actor Jake Gyllenhall and you are dating Taylor Swift…you buy her a guitar! But not just any guitar. Jake bought 21 year old Taylor an $11,000 guitar. OMG!! Happy Birthday. WOW…that’s a lot of money to drop on a girl you’ve been dating for 2 months.

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Comments Off on Christmas Cookies! | Posted by WooWoo on

It’s Monday…but not just any Monday. It’s the MONDAY before Christmas. WOO HOO! And besides waking up, going to work & then a 1pm appointment with the OBGYN today, I have BAKING on my “To-Do” List. YES!!! I am going to put on my apron & bake my heart out. And I don’t mean buying a mix from the grocery store – I wanna bake from scratch. So I am currently searching for a good shortbread and/or sugar cookie recipe. I know that I will definitely be baking the infamous “Reindeer Balls”. Some people call them Oreo Truffles, I call them Reindeer Balls. And there is actually NO BAKING involved. Here’s what you need:

  • 1 package of crushed Oreos
  • 1 package of softened cream cheese
  • 1 bag of chocolate and/or white chocolate chips
  • Red/Green sprinkles

All you do is mix the Oreos with cream cheese. Roll into balls. Set in fridge for 20 minutes to harden/cool. Melt the chocolate and dip the refrigerated balls into the chocolate. Or you could drizzle it with a fork. Top with red & green sprinkles and put back into to fridge to set the chocolate. The pic below is of someone who dipped them in white chocolate and topped with peppermint. I like that idea. They are soo good. And easy!


OK! Happy Monday & Happy Baking!!


WooWoo :)

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Comments Off on Maternity Fashion! | Posted by WooWoo's Baby Blog on December 17, 2010

If I only I could be as stylish as the lady in the video below!! She looks amazing in everything…I really enjoy being preggers, but someday’s I am not in the mood to wear anything other than sweats & Uggs. I stumbled upon Isabella Oliver’s Maternity Clothing line when I was reading another Baby Blog. She has some nice clothes – very pricey! – but I could see my-self investing in a solid black wrap dress or those really thick leggings. Enjoy! WooWoo

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Comments Off on Chuck has a gift…for YOU | Posted by Chuck Doud on

Well, Happy FRIDAY!  

5% off…just for mentioning this video to Debbies RC World
As many of you have heard and emailed me…you know that I am excited to be endorsing “Debbies RC World” in Chesapeake.   I’ve been a patron of this store for 8 years and I cannot begin to explain how amazing the place is….If you are interested in radio control, I can promise you Debbies RC World is the place to go…I rarely put my name behind anything…but if you want to create a different Christmas…a fantastic Christmas….I mean one that will really WOW em!  Visit this fantastic Family Owned and Operated unique Hobby Shop in Chesapeake.  …Started almost 16 years ago By a Mom (Debbie), a Dad (Les), and their Son (Eric)…who is also my best friend. 

Here is my trip to their store which I make with the kids every year about this time for some “Christmas Wishing”….the kids always have a blast.   …from the first Thomas The Tank set I bought from them for my son’s 2nd Christmas…to the Airplane I was flying in a field last weekend…to the models we’ve built as a family, The Slot Car Race Track for my Son and Daughters Christmas Present last year (they still play with it, too)…to bouncing in the dirt with their RC cars…Thanks for the smiles, laughs, and good times.

A trip to Debbie’s RC WORLD for Christmas Wishing from Chuck Doud on Vimeo.

757-361-6681 OR EMAIL ERIC DIRECTLY at  sales at

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