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Congrats to soul singer Javier Colon (pronounced Cologne!) he won last night’s competition on “THE VOICE”. Javier walks away with a cool $100,000 and a recording contract. The hit reality singing show on NBC is already looking for a new round of singers. Audition details are posted up at

Speaking of NBC, one of their top investigative reporters has been BUSTED cheating on his wife. UH HUH!!! Chris Hansen – from “To Catch A Predator” was busted cheating on his wife in Florida with a woman 30 years younger!! Chris was photographed by the National Enquierer leaving dinner and heading to a hotel with a blonde news reporter from Ft Lauderdale. Chris is covering a story in Florida…but I’m betting his wife has his butt on the 1st plane home!! UH OH!

Lindsay Lohan is a FREEEEEE woman!! After serving 35 miserable days on house arrest, Lilo can now roam the LA streets. However – she still has 480 hours of community service to complete.

Congrats to actress Denise Richards. The ex wife of Charlie Sheen confirmed she adopted a baby girl. It was a domestic adoption and she named the little girl after her mother who passed away from camcer in 2007. The baby girls is named Eloise Joni. Denise has 2 daughters from her marriage to Charlie.

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Charlie Sheen will be killed off one show, but come to life on another. It was confirmed that his character on “Two And A Half Men” will be killed off the show, and replaced by Ashton Kutcher. Ashton moves into Charlie’s old house. Meanwhile – Charlie has reportedly signed a million dollar TV deal with TBS.

It must be nice to be Beyonce’s sister!!! Dang. I love this story. Beyonce celebrated her little sister Solange turning 25 by buying her 25 PAIRS OF DESIGNER SHOES!! OMG. 25 PAIRS!! Christian Loubitin, Gucci, Prada, Jimmy Choo. I am jealous and drooling.

POINT artist Katy Perry is LIVID after photos surfaced of her husband Russell Brand HOLDING HANDS with another woman!! Yep – it all went down on the set of his new movie “Rock of Ages”. It’s being filmed in Miami and photogs snapped Russell holding hands with the blonde wardrobe assistant. Russell insists she is “just a friend”. I’ve heard that before…

Kim Kardashian will say I DO this August. And she is planning the wedding ASAP! With the help of her mom, her sisters and a wedding planner – Kim has chosen a posh Beverly Hills location and is in NYC this week to find the perfect dress at Vera Wang.

And it seems Hugh Hefner has mended his broken heart. After his fiance called off their wedding 2 weeks ago, Hugh confirmed he is dating a 27 year old Playmate named Shera.

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She had cut off her family and communicated mostly with her dolls over the past 20 years while living in almost total secrecy in several New York hospital rooms before her death last month at 104.

Now, it appears reclusive copper heiress Huguette Clark has cut her family out of her will, too, leaving most of her fortune, its value newly pegged at $400 million, to charity and to her nurse and close friend, Hadassah Peri.

The will, filed Wednesday in Manhattan court, sheds some light on the exact contents of the Clark estate, reports The New York Times.

Her assets include an art collection with works by Monet, Renoir, John Singer Sargent and William Merritt Chase; sprawling estates in Santa Barbara and Connecticut; a pricey Fifth Avenue apartment; and a vast doll collection, from porcelains to Barbies.

Most of the fortune – including the Santa Barbara estate, most of the art, all of Clark’s musical instruments and rare books – will go to a foundation that will be set up to promote the arts. Separately, the Corcoran Gallery of Art in Washington will receive a 1907 original Water Lilies painting by Monet, which hasn’t been seen in eight decades.

Peri will receive the dolls, possibly worth millions, as well as 60 percent of the remaining assets. Clark’s goddaughter, Wanda Styka, will get 25 percent.

The will, drafted in 2005, also leaves $1 million to Beth Israel Medical Center, where she lived for many years and died on May 24; $500,000 to her assistant; and $100,000 to a physician.

Clark’s lawyer, Wallace Bock, and her accountant, Irving H. Kamsler, received $500,000 each – although the Manhattan district attorney’s office is investigating how they have handled Clark’s money.

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After 2 years together – George Clooney has dumped his Italian girlfriend. George & Elisabetta Canalis release a statement yesterday asking for privacy during this “difficult time”. Rumor has it – not only was George no longer challenged in the relationship…he felt she was pressuring him into marriage. Bottom Line: George Clooney is still the Sexiest Single Man in the WORLD!!!!!!!

Lindsay Lohan dissed NBC & Matt Lauer yesterday…even after Matt flew across the country to interview her. Lindsay had agreed to allow Matt Lauer to interview her, but then changed her mind when she found out the interview would last longer than 15 minutes. God forbid we take up any of Lindsay’s time!

Meanwhile – Linds is headed back to an LA courtroom today. She allegedly FAILED a random drug test earlier this week and traces of alcohol showed up in her test results. Lindsay had a BBQ at her beach house where paparazzi snapped pics of her enjoying a Corona & a hot dog. Yum!

The toxicology reports are in – and it was confirmed Jackass star Ryan Dunn was drunk when he crashed his Porsche early Monday in PA. Dunn & the passenger were killed in the crash. Police also upped the speed at which Ryan was driving. It was 1st reported he was driving 130 MPH, but now they have said he was traveling 140 MPH.

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Pennsylvania police have confirmed speed was a factor in the violent crash that killed MTV Jackass Ryan Dunn and his passenger.  They estimate his Porsche was traveling at 130 MPH. Toxicology results will be released in 4 to 6 weeks. And the passenger in the Porsche has also been identified. He was 30 year old Zachary Heartwell…a Navy Seal who had been on 3 tours of Iraq.

Nick Lachey is returning to Reality TV. Nick and fiancé Vanessa Minnillo confirmed they are taping a 2 hour  wedding special that will air later this summer on TLC. It will show them preparing for the wedding, dress shopping and then the ceremony. But it’s only a 1 episode show. Not an entire series like Nick did with Jessica.

It must be nice to be Katy Perry’s back up dancer. After busting a move to California Girls and a dozen other songs at her Atlanta concert – Katy treated her 21 person crew to a day of pampering at the St Regis Hotel Spa. They got massages, facials, manicures and pedicures. Best of all? Katy picked up the entire bill!!!

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Comments Off on HollyWooWoo Report June 21, 2011 | Posted by HollyWooWoo Report on June 21, 2011

It was sad news for MTV fans around the world yesterday – Wild Man Ryan Dunn was killed in a fiery crash in Pennsylvania. At this point – police are not confirming that alcohol caused the crash but they do suspect speed. Ryan was driving his Porsche when it crashed in the woods and burst into flames. Friends said he was drinking beers and shots a local bar before the crash.

Remember when it seemed like Donna, Brenda, Brandon and Dylan were at Beverly High for like 7 years?! Remember that on Beverly Hills 90210? They were like seniors forever. Well that won’t happen on “GLEE”. The creator of the show – Ryan Murphy – confirmed he will have new characters next season with the old characters graduating and moving on. Translation: You’re fired!

Unlike my sister’s ex fiancé – Hugh Hefner is letting his ex fiancé keep her engagement ring. Yep – Hef told Crystal Harris she can keep the $90,000 dollar 3 carat diamond ring. He also let her keep the baby blue Bentley convertible. But – he demanded she return the dog he bought her. A Cavalier King Charles named Charlie.

Actress Megan Fox might have a hot body, but its her mouth that got her in trouble! Director Michael Bay confirmed Megan got FIRED from Transformers. Megan gave an interview saying she quit on her own, but Michael said co producer Steven Speilberg insisted Megan get fired after she  compared him to Hitler.

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Amy Winehouse needs to legally change her name to “HOT MESS”. On Saturday Amy performed a show in Serbia  – but she showed up 1 hour late, forgot the words to her songs & eventually stumbled off stage while the crowd boo’d her. The video of the concert has gone viral. Amy’s record label has now canceled her European tour until she can get clean & sober…and remember the words to the song she wrote about getting clean & sober. You know, Rehab?!

Don’t worry about Hugh Hefner – the 85 year old has realized the fastest way to get over one girl is to get under another. After his 25 year old fiancé called off their wedding, Hef has found comfort in the arms of a 26 year old Playboy bunny named Anna Sophia. Hef Tweeted this weekend that “she’s sweet, funny and likes movies”. Sounds like a match made in a retirement home.

The infamous white dress Marilyn Monroe wore in the movie “The 7 Year Itch” sold this weekend for $4.6 million dollars. No word on who the buyer was, but they sure ain’t hurtin for cash.

Former MTV Reality TV star Heidi Montag has admitted to working out for 14 hours a day for the last 2 months in order to get her body bikini ready for a pool party she hosted in Vegas this weekend. Heidi said she had to cut out eating fried chicken and pies too. Thanks Heidi.

And sadly this weekend – we lost a musical legend. Norfolk native and talented saxaphonist Clarence Clemons passed away after complications from a stroke. He was known as the BIG MAN in Bruce Springsteen’s E Street Band.

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Selena Gomez wants to the set the record straight again. The 18 year old girlfriend of Justin Bieber said she spent time in the hospital for being malnourished – but don’t take that as she’s not eating. Selena said she eats, but just the wrong kind of food. She’s addicted to Kit Kat bars, M&M’s and Goobers. She is hiring a dietician to help her junk food habits.

Guys – don’t get too excited…but Paris Hilton is back on the market. The platinum blonde princess and her Vegas nightclub manager boyfriend split up because he is too controlling. Paris dumped Cy Waits – that’s his name Cy – because he demanded to see her cell phone records, her emails and would apparently flip out if she never answered her phone when he called.

Listen up ladies! The creator of the Skinny Girl Margarita wants to share a drink with us on a daily basis. Bethenny Frankel is developing a one hour talk show with the help of her friend Ellen DeGeneres. Apilot for the show is currently being filmed in LA – but if the show were to be picked up, it would film in New York.

3 apparently is a crowd for Hugh Hefner! After the cancelling of his  weekend wedding to a woman 60 years younger (she called off the wedding, he was totally shocked!) it’s now rumored that Hugh’s fiancé Crystal Harris was cheating on Hef witl Dr Phil’s son. Hugh still says the break up was mutual.

It’s been just over two weeks since Pink and husband Carey Hart welcomed a baby girl, Willow Sage, into their family — and they’re already finding the humor in the less-than-glamorous aspects of parenthood. Yesterday PINK Tweeted, “My life was once whiskey, tears, and cigarettes … now it’s snot, tears, and the color of poop”. The new mom is yet to lose her edge, however — she later added, “I do miss the whiskey though.”

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My mom always told me it’s better to have a broken engagement than a broken marriage, so look on the bright side Hugh Hefner! Playboy’s head honcho found out yesterday that his fiancé called off their weekend wedding.  Yeh – they were gonna get married THIS weekend, but 25 year old Crystal and 85 year old Hugh got into a big argument that resulted in Crystal cancelling the wedding.

The woman who cleaned more than just Arnold Schwarzenegger’s toilets  is  sharing details of how she told Maria Shriver she mothered a love child with Arnie. Mildred Baena said she brought the kid to the Schwarzenegger house last summer and that’s when Maria saw the resemblance. Maria confronted Mildred. Mildred denied it at first but eventually dropped to her knees, cried and admitted she had an affair with Arnold. She offered to quit right then & there, but Maria let her work thru the Holidays.

Congrats to Oscar winner Natalie Portman. The actress and her dancer fiancé Benjamin Millpied welcomed a baby boy yesterday. No details were shared about the birth or the babies name. Natalie is very, very private and would probably slap a doctor if they released the details.

This could be the nail in the coffin for Weiner. Today at 12:30pm Gloria Allred will hold a press conference with Ginger Lee. Ginger is an adult film star who had a relationship with Weiner via Twitter. He also sent her very explicit emails. Gloria will reveal details today…JUICY!

What happened to registering at Bed, Bath & Beyond?! And registering for like towels and bath mats. GEEZ! Kim Kardashian & her fiance Kris Humphries have registered for wedding gifts at GEARY’S in Beverly Hills…it’s an uber fancy homegoods store in Bel Air. On the registry? $300 Crystal napkin rings, a $175 mustard jar, $6,000 vases and a $1,650 silver-plated coffeepot. Glad I’m not invited to that wedding…I wouldn’t be able to afford anything on the registry. WOW!

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Justin Beiber’s girlfriend said she was malnourished and exhausted – not pregnant – and that’s why she was in the hospital. On the same day she was released from the hospital Selena Gomez performed for a group of 500 fans in Santa Monica. She told them her iron was low.

Tori Spelling’s mom finally sold the family mansion in Beverly Hills. Candy Spelling’s 57,000 square foot mega mansion sold for $75 million dollars. Who’s the buyer? A 22 year old named  Petra Ecclestone. Her dad is some billionaire, so the house was a gift from Daddy. There’s a room for wrapping presents, 100 parking spots, a bowling alley and 3 pools.

Despite calling Angelina Jolie “un cool” for moving in on Brad Pitt while they were still married, Jennifer Aniston has ruined the 14 year relationship her new boyfriend had with his ex girlfriend. You follow me? Jen is dating an actor by the name of Justin Thoreux. Justin had been dating a woman named Heidi for 14 years until he met Jen. Heidi just moved out last weekend.

I love it when I’m reminded that celebrities are normal people too! Yesterday actress Sarah Jessica Parker appeared in a New York courtroom for her civic duty and to possibly serve jury duty. SJP arrived at 8:40am and was eventually dismissed when the jury pool was filled. She was overheard telling fellow New Yorkers that she had a sick daughter at home and a flight to catch.

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